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Tech Conservative vs Tech Progressive Approach to Problem Solving

The shared similarity between a technological conservative and a technological progressive is their admission of a problem. However, their approaches to alleviating the problem is the point of divergence for them. The technological conservative address the problem from a perspective that patronizes and give credence to institutional power. By doing this, they confer absolute belief in the institution and deem it a know-it-all.

The technological progressive understands that restrictions as a means of problem solving only sow fear in the minds of people. Persuasion instead of compulsion is the first inclination of a technological progressive. With this mental frame, they look out for ways technology can be integrated to serve the people and alleviate the problem. The result of this is a solution that functions in a self-executory manner that interacts with the people in a non-compulsive way. Over time, the problem wanes

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